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A reader sends in a link giving us a chance to laugh at the fucktards of the BATF. Enjoy!

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Head on over to the Aging Rebel's place. You actually get to speak your mind and use your first amendment rights to their fullest. If he censors you, it's because you were simply being an asshole or a troll who didn't have the common sense or brains enough to know when to shut the fuck up. It's also a place to learn and hopefully you'll become less of a sheeple. offers a list of companies that sell products *Made in the USA*
Bailey' has jeans made in America at fantastic prices (PrisnBlues & Wild Ass).
Go take a look and support our economy and our country and the brave companies who
aren't running away like cowards to foreign countries to be greedy. Buy American for America      


Go to Steve Gibson's website to test your firewall. Gibson Research Company has been around a long while and Steve is one of the number one white-hats there is. So go test your firewall HERE and then take a look around and even in the forums. You'll be glad you did.

Whether you use Linux or that shit-pile known as Microsoft Windows, you should *ALWAYS* encrypt your e-mails. There is always some asshat trying to look at them (especially our government!). Even if you think you've never done anything 'wrong' or ever will, you should do it just as a safety precaution.

For Windows users I suggest Gpg4win. This is easy to install and easy to use and FREE.

For Linux users, gpg is most always already a part of the installation of whatever distro you use. Just start using it and make a habit of it.

For those using or about to use encryption for e-mailing, when making a new key, *ALWAYS* use a passphrase instead of a password!! This will make it *INFINITELY* harder for anyone (including our fucked-up government!) to break your encrypted mail. Make it a phrase that you'll remember fairly easily, but one you don't use around people very often so no one can 'guess' it. Also try to change a few things in the phrase, like i's into 1's and o's (oh's) into 0's (zeros), use punctuation and spaces too. Get imaginative with it. It can be as long as you want, so have fun!


If gpg or gpg4win seems just a little too daunting for the time being, then you can use an alternative type of encryption for e-mail. It's web-based, so no need to 'download' anything, nor any need to learn much other than keeping your two passwords/passphrases safe and in your head and so you won't forget them.

It's called ProtonMail. You should go there now to sign up for an account and start using it. It's *very* simple to use...

1) Give the person you want to send an e-mail to a secret word or phrase that will be *extremely* difficult for someone else to guess. You may have to tell them in person and in private or snail-mail it to them (I would NOT use a phone if you are truly worried about your privacy).

2) Go to your ProtonMail account website and create the e-mail.

3) Send the e-mail. Done.

Your friend will get an e-mail with a link on it that takes them to the ProtonMail website where they enter the password or phrase and if it's correct, it will automatically unencrypt the e-mail for them so they can read it. Simple as that!

Now go there and sign up for an account!

Operating Systems...

Use Linux OS's that stick to the traditional UNIX ways (in other words, stick with a Linux OS that won't try to fix what ain't broke!).
First and foremost - Boycott systemd Linux OS's!Go HERE to learn about systemd and the abortion it is.

Now that that's out of the way, the next thing you need to do is tell Bill Gates to shove that expensive, virus attracting, breaks-down-if-you-blink-at-it-wrong, PoS Microsoft operating system up his ass! You pay too much for it when there are FREE operating systems that work as well or better.

Linux is one of those operating systems. Use something like Slackware, Salix, Slackel, Crux, Vector or any of the BSD's if you're comfortable messing with the internals of an OS. If you want to be able to 'just use' a Linux OS and try it out and it be 'easy' and have it sit on your hard drive next to your regular OS, then something like an Ubuntu - any of them - will work fine.

It works no differently than the Microsoft Windows (98, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, whatever) already on your computer.

You click on things with your mouse, you do the same exact things you do now, the *only* difference is the names of programs you might use and how and what programs you install.

For instance...Linux uses the same web browsers as Microsoft does except your Windows browser is Internet Explorer (which is a useless piece of crap). On your Linux, you'll have a standard browser also, for instance if you use the KDE desktop you'll get Konqueror, etc. And, just like on your Windows, you can also download and use any browser you want, Like Firefox, etc. If you wanted to open your Firefox to surf the web, you'd click on it just exactly the same as you would with your Microsoft system. For example, here's a picture of the Seamonkey browser that I happen to prefer and use on my linux...

seamonkey browser

Say you want to listen to some music for a while. Okay, click on the menu button in the taskbar in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, move the cursor to 'multimedia' and click on one of many music playing programs in the list. It will open up and you just go from there, just as you would with whatever music player there is in Microsoft. Here's my music player I prefer to use on my system. It's called Audacious...

audacious player

Here's my desktop without any open programs. I have a directory (folder to you M$ users) that I have a slew of pictures I want the desktop to use as a sliding background. I have it set to randomly change pictures at any amount of time I wish. You can also have as many or as few 'quick click' icons to programs you use on your desktop as you wish, just like with Windows. (notice I prefer a very minimum...I hate clutter on my desktop background pictures)...


Want to watch a downloaded movie or a DVD movie? No problem, just find the media player in the menu you want to use and open it up and go from there (I have it in a small window just for the snapshot, but it can be watched full-screen)...

Another thing about Linux, is that 99.9% of the programs you use or download to try out or use, are just as free as Linux itself!

Linux is no longer the 'scary monster that is for nerds only' that it once was many years ago. It's as easy to use as your Microsoft or Mac machine, only it's safer because it doesn't have viruses or malware or any of those things that are constantly attacking Microsoft and Mac machines.

So, if you find yourself curious now, and/or just simply fed up with fighting with your Windows system and its crashes and problems constantly and having to *pay* for every program you want to install or use *AND* pay for Microsoft Windows itself every time they come out with a new version, and you simply want to just get rid of the stress and have a computer that will 'Just Work', then go take a look at some of the different distributions there are of Linux HERE.

Don't let the number of different kinds of Linux scare you. They all work the same, only some are made more for beginners or some are made more for those who don't mind typing commands etc.

For the beginner, you could try Vector or openSUSE or Fedora or Mint. Look at it this way...if my 74 year old mom uses Linux, anyone can use it.

Web browsers:

Seamonkey home and download     -OR-     Firefox Download Button     -OR-     Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

Any of these browsers are safer, more configurable and faster than Internet Explorer and THEY'RE FREE!

OpenOffice is now at version 4.1.2! This is a FREE office suite that works as well as that overpriced Microsoft junk called 'Microsoft Office' or 'Microsoft Works' and is more compatible with all the different versions of those overpriced pieces of junk than Microsofts versions are with each other! So don't sit there and think about it, go get it and free yourself from the money-grubbing 'other' office suites!

Also, make sure you get it by downloading it from the *OFFICIAL* site by clicking on the picture below!


And if you run into problems with your OpenOffice, join OpenOffices mailing lists or go to the forums, or you can use this site as well:

OpenOffice Tutorials

e-mail me Phuquehed

Last updated: 07 Sept 17